Travel gear review: Clothing & Accessories


We’ve been gone for about 2 months now and have worn pretty much everything in our bag too many times, but there are a few items that have proven more useful than others. I thought I’d talk a bit about the best clothing and accessories we have with us.

  • Icebreaker Tech T-shirts – made out of merino wool, these tees are what we wear on most days whether we’re hiking in the country or trekking around town. They are breathable, wick sweat from the body, and also dry quickly. The wool is naturally antibacterial so they don’t require a wash after every wear – crucial when you don’t have a washing machine for a week or so. They are a little pricey but well worth it. We found some on sale at Sierra Trading Post.
  • Terramar & ExOfficio underwear & SmartWool socks – underwear and socks that are lightweight, breathable, odor resistant, and dry quickly are a no brainer. We wear them daily on the road.
  • Lululemon clothing – sticking with the quick dry theme, pretty much all Lulu gear is durable, lightweight, and dry quickly. Jenn particularly loves the yoga pants and shorts she brought, and I like the tank tops and ABC pants. These days there are probably cheaper alternatives.
  • Pacsafe RFID blocking trifold wallet – losing or getting a wallet stolen in another country would be a royal pain (knock on wood), so I’ve cut down on the chances by chaining this thing to me everywhere we go. Yes, it somewhat feels like I’m trying to make a 90’s fashion statement, but I’m ok with it for the added security.


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Travel gear review: Clothing & Accessories

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